Why You Should Move Your On-Premises Email to Exchange Online

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Why You Should Move Your On-Premises Email to Exchange Online

As companies increasingly allow employees to work remotely and connect to multiple offices, these scattered workforces still need to work together in a collaborative environment. But if the business uses an on-premises email solution, efficient communications can be difficult for end-users and challenging for IT to manage.

If this is the case for your business, it’s time to migrate your email operations to Microsoft Exchange Online. The industry-leading cloud solution — used by small and medium-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies — features numerous features and advantages not available through on-premise email services.

Here are a few use-cases where Exchange Online proves helpful:

  • Connect from Anywhere — Exchange Online makes it possible for employees to connect to email accounts from anywhere in the world — and from any platform. Since Exchange Online runs in the cloud, it also supports a larger number of mailboxes through scalable compute resources.
  • Legal Protection — When a company believes litigation will occur, a litigation hold is often sent out to freeze any information related to the litigation. A failure to preserve electronically stored information from emails during a litigation hold can ultimately lead to regulatory and legal issues for the organization. Exchange Online makes this process easy by storing emails according to compliance requirements and by providing recovery features to retrieve accidentally deleted items.
  • System Administration — Exchange Online makes it possible for IT to automate many administrative tasks — reducing the burden of managing email services and ensuring email management is performed fast and more consistently. The Exchange admin center provides an easy, simple way for in-house staff to manage all email features.
  • Stronger Security — Security is a leading concern for businesses as cyber issues can replicate fast. With an on-premise system, your organization is solely responsible for its own security. With Exchange Online, Microsoft maintains the security of the system by providing encryption at every level and many ways to encrypt email outside of your organization.
  • Data Encryption — Exchange Online encrypts all data at rest when it’s not actively in transit (sitting on a hard drive in a secure data center). Exchange Online also encrypts communications going to and coming from any client device—whether it’s Android, Apple, Outlook, Windows, Mac or a web browser. Users can encrypt emails using Office Message Encryption when sending confidential information and add encryption to emails to ensure the security of transmitted data.

The best part about Exchange Online is that Microsoft automatically provides security patches and product enhancements — without any intervention from users or administrators. Automated updates mean less time maintaining and more time growing.

For Help with Exchange Online

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