Streamlining Procurement Across IT

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Controlling IT Asset Purchasing, Management and Costs

This ZehnTek client is a veterinary health organization with hospitals across the U.S. that provide advanced medical care for pets. Frustrated by a lack of response and attention to detail by other IT vendors, the company engaged ZehnTek to optimize the user experience for IT leaders and close to 3,000 users. The impact was immediate.

For starters, ZehnTek helped the client configure better workflows across digital processes, which means better outcomes for the nationwide provider with dispersed IT staff and operations. And rapid scaling capacity gives the client a more robust way of working with IT seamlessly and quickly— in an environment where there’s little margin for error.

More Time for the IT Staff

ZehnTek helped the client’s IT staff focus on strategy and user-focused initiatives by taking over multiple tasks:

  • Researching products and solutions
  • Sourcing hard-to-find equipment from external vendors
  • Providing pre-sales support engineering and solution design
  • Managing vendors, including negotiating price contracts
  • Coordinating software renewals and hardware maintenance
  • Consolidating cloud and software purchases
  • Reserving and warehousing systems for future roll-out
  • Integrating system components

With these tasks no longer on their plate, the client’s IT team was able to more reliably and efficiently serve end-users — a key measure of IT success.

E-commerce Tools Improve and Accelerate Processes

Another powerful advantage ZehnTek offers is the integration of its e-commerce site. Unlike a typical online retailer, the ZehnTek experience includes advanced features to enhance and accelerate the B2B IT ordering process. This means the client can count on clear, constant, integrated communications between internal staff, the ZehnTek account team and manufacturer partners when necessary.

Key Features:

  • Establishes company standards and bundles services for quick purchasing
  • Utilizes a purchase approval system
  • Saves and tracks quotes for procurement processes
  • Engages with internal and ZehnTek teams on quotes and orders
  • Creates custom inventory and buffers
  • Tracks service engagements on the e-commerce homepage
  • Provides easy rebuy and RMA processes
  • Enables third-party sourcing from Amazon and others

For the client, the benefits of using ZehnTek extend beyond IT. As the IT staff works more efficiently, they have more time to focus directly on improving the experiences that impact patient care. This translates into greater business outcomes and peace of mind.

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