Server Virtualization and Disaster Preparedness

  • Infrastructure

Marketing & Advertising

Developing an IT Strategy for Rapid Growth

This ZehnTek client is a multinational corporation that uses its expertise to transform client value propositions in the digital space.

The client partnered with ZehnTek to develop and implement an IT strategy to meet the demands of the rapidly growing organization. For a more resilient and flexible IT environment, the client chose to convert their physical footprint with virtualization and into the cloud.

Enhancements for Network Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery

To begin, ZehnTek created a new virtual infrastructure with VMware connected to enterprise host servers, switches and storage. ZehnTek transformed the physical servers into virtual machines and then created several company networks with access from the primary network.

Cybersecurity and disaster recovery also received a complete overhaul. ZehnTek installed next generation firewalls to secure the client’s network and set up a backup process to the cloud.

Reduced IT Costs and Improved User Experiences

In addition, ZehnTek created a modern client experience through the implementation of new endpoint tools and security applications. With the new, more powerful and secure infrastructure, as well as the endpoint computing environment, the client reduced costs associated with IT overhead, improved user experiences and can now scale seamlessly to meet business demand.

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