Seamless Exchange Migration for Enterprise Law Firm

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Overview, Kickoff, and Expectation Setting:

For this client, ZehnTek was entrusted with a mission-critical project by a prominent enterprise law firm looking to migrate its Exchange environment to a brand new datacenter. ZehnTek initiated the project with a comprehensive project plan and kickoff meeting, setting the foundation for collaboration. Twenty years of past work with the client facilitated a deep understanding of their project requirements and their Exchange technical environment. A collaborative design was initiated, leading to a detailed implementation plan and new equipment purchase.

New Server Configuration:

ZehnTek configured the new Exchange servers in the new datacenter, adhering to the pre-defined design and data layout. The installation of Exchange 2016, initial configuration, and SSL certificate installation were executed during off-hours to minimize disruptions.

DAG Integration and Database Replication:

ZehnTek seamlessly incorporated the new servers into the existing Exchange 2016 Database Availability Group (DAG), initiating the replication of databases to the new servers. This approach guaranteed data redundancy and uninterrupted availability.

Client Access Configuration, App Integration & Testing:

ZehnTek facilitated the configuration of the new datacenter Netscaler load balancers for Client Access, which provide a secure and reliable connection for end-users. We then worked with the Firm and various vendors to ensure the seamless integration of MaaS360 Mobile Device Management (MDM) and other critical applications including iManage Communications Server and Cisco Call Manager. The testing phase included setting up Exchange mailboxes in the new datacenter, and using a “truth table” approach to user mailbox migration testing, determined the best way to time the transition of Exchange and other services such as VDI to the new datacenter, ensuring end-to-end connectivity and a seamless user experience.

Production Cutover and Post-Cutover Support:

ZehnTek executed the production cutover after hours, seamlessly transitioning SMTP to the new servers, and switching Client Access and Exchange databases to the new datacenter for primary Exchange operations. Post-cutover support and documentation were provided, empowering the client's team to navigate the upgraded infrastructure with confidence.

Decommissioning Old Exchange Environment:

In the final phase, ZehnTek planned and executed the decommissioning of the old Exchange environment, allowing the Firm to decommission their previous main datacenter in Hartford.


Our mutual team’s collaborative approach, meticulous planning, and expert execution resulted in a seamless Exchange migration for our enterprise law firm client. The upgraded environment not only addressed the firm's immediate needs but positioned them for sustained growth and scalability. ZehnTek's consistent support and comprehensive documentation equipped the client's team to operate their enhanced infrastructure with efficiency and confidence.

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