Leveraging IT to Help Navigate the Landscape of Cancer Research

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Life Science


In our journey at ZehnTek within the life sciences domain, we've been recognized for our commitment to customer service and expertise. We have the privilege of teaming up with many emerging biotech companies dedicated to combatting cancer. This case study sheds light on how our capabilities, communication, and commitment to excellence positioned us as the go-to IT Managed Services partner for one forward-thinking company on the outskirts of Boston, Ma.

Understanding the Unique Business Requirements:

Acknowledging the crucial role of IT in advancing research and development, our radiopharmaceuticals customer sought a collaborator capable of understanding their industry’s intricacies and consistently delivering quality results. Here at ZehnTek, our understanding of the lab environment, combined with our skilled team and robust digital platform, made us a fitting match for the unique needs of this innovative company.

Adaptable Managed Services and Exceptional Customer Experience:

Our Adaptable Managed Services provides a tailored solution for this customer. With our dedicated helpdesk team and flexible approach, we promptly accommodate critical customer priorities, ensuring quick response times. Every customer receives a dedicated Customer Success Manager, ensuring personalized attention and a smooth experience. Our commitment to exceptional service extends to VIP users with specialized service level agreements (SLAs).

Comprehensive Support and Collaborative Approach:

Going beyond traditional IT managed services, we offered regular onsite "deskside" assistance, recurring collaborative meetings, and management consulting to facilitate effective communication and strategic alignment. Our dedicated project management ensures the successful execution of vital IT projects, contributing to our customer's overall growth.

Driving Transformational IT Projects:

We played a pivotal role in several key IT projects for our customer, seamlessly implementing a new Okta tenant, integrating it with the existing Microsoft tenant and ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, we handled tasks such as O365 backup, secure file sharing solution migration, and supported their first major office move. This involved designing and building a new network infrastructure, user workstation setup, and overseeing multiple video conferencing room implementations.

Focus on Security and Compliance:

Recognizing the significance of security and compliance in the life sciences industry, we prioritize these aspects in our services. We implemented a security framework backed by tier-1 vendor partnerships and provided meticulous documentation for policy improvement and compliance, ensuring adherence to industry regulations. As a KnowBe4 partner, we also conducted phishing exercises, equipping our partner's staff with knowledge and protection against potential cyber threats.


Our performance as the chosen IT Managed Services partner for this emerging life sciences company reflects our commitment to understanding the industry and delivering quality customer experiences. Through our skilled team, robust digital platform, and Adaptable Managed Services, we not only met, but exceeded (and continue to exceed) their unique IT requirements. Our ability to manage critical projects, ensure security and compliance, and provide comprehensive support forged a successful partnership, empowering this customer in their impactful fight against cancer.

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