Solutions and a Team to Empower Great Science

The stakes of developing treatments that may someday save lives are high, and they demand an IT solution that’s accessible, powerful and customized. The life science department at ZehnTek was founded on a simple goal – maximizing the results of researchers through cutting-edge systems, backed by a team familiar with the needs of the laboratory and beyond.

Our group is made up of professionals with years of experience in the life science sector from biotech's both large and small, as well as IT firms and software companies. As a result, we are prepared to guide your company from stealth into discovery, IPO, IND and beyond.

Our commitment also includes a robust approach to security and scalability, with a keen eye on improving and implementing operational harmony for your teams. We understand the priceless nature of research and devote ourselves to protecting it, while offering systems that can expand and contract as needed. We also focus on the importance of efficient collaboration across your organization, offering the capability to create a modern digital experience for users in your company that’s dependable and simple to use.

Science in the Cloud

Collaboration and analysis backed by the cloud

If your organization is ready to adopt an efficient and secure cloud strategy, our team is prepared to guide you through the process of assessing and implementing this powerful service. We take a holistic approach when working with you to identify your needs now and in the future. Working together, we can develop a strategic vision that results in a scalable, secure and cost-effective cloud-first strategy.

Implementations & Integrations

Guidance to ensure your priorities stay on track

With over 20 years combined experience in planning, managing and executing projects for customers, the ZehnTek team has the know-how to get your new IT solutions up and running quickly and effectively, including major projects such as new site build outs, SOX implementation and research/clinical platforms. We are able to translate even the most complex integrations into effective plans that will get your team moving faster.

Resource Planning & Management

Our knowledge is your advantage

As your business grows, so do your needs for resourcing and management. ZehnTek can work with you to help identify the right talent needed to appropriately resource solutions to fit an expanding company. Our senior management group has been identifying and building teams for over 20 years combined. From writing the job requirements and mapping out the interview process, as well as developing onboarding and training plans, we’ll get your new IT staff operational as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Lab & Vivarium System Management

Ensure your research teams are at the cutting edge

The lab of the future is here – from the growing prevalence of IoT devices, to the need to collaborate with a variety of external vendors and CROs. Lab management is becoming more than just data automation, security monitoring and instrument management. It’s about the specific requirements of your team as they move through the drug development process. ZehnTek will work collaboratively with you to keep your lab and its staff connected and empowered by best-in-class services and systems.

Relocation Specialists

Getting your facility outfitted for great science

The ZehnTek team is well-versed in supporting organizations throughout the relocation process, having helped numerous companies in the life science community move into new sites. From start to finish, our team is here to help ensure your change is seamless and executed to your exact requirements and needs. We are able to offer a holistic service that allows your company to have a single point of contact for all facets of your move as they relate to IT.

System & Data Management

Backing your company through all phases

From the early days of discovery to filing your first IND and all the way to the clinic – the ZehnTek team is here to support your organization on its journey. Our teams have the experience, vision and industry knowledge to help guide you to success, placing focus on developing solutions with scale and security at the core. We have advised, guided and implemented top-tier enterprise solutions that allow your business to effectively navigate the biotech life cycle.

Transforming IT Procurement for Seamless and Strategic Success

At ZehnTek, we are revolutionizing the landscape of IT procurement within the life sciences industry. Our cutting-edge e-commerce platform boasts an extensive catalog of 250,000+ products, strategically housed in warehouses across the United States. Our dedicated account representatives ensure a personalized experience, guiding you through an extensive selection while assisting in strategic decision-making.

Our platform provides a suite of sophisticated features, including hierarchical purchase approval for teams, customizable bundles, asset tagging, and software license management. These capabilities enable seamless collaboration between your internal team and ours, allowing you to effortlessly track and manage all IT hardware and software assets.

Efficiency is our priority. With fast, free ground shipping, most orders arrive within 2 days. Alternatively, we can also store and manage your inventory in our secure warehouses, where we can also provide depot integration and setup services. ZehnTek's catalog seamlessly integrates into ERP systems through punchout. Effective January 1, 2024 Prendio customers also have the option to shop our entire catalog directly on their platform.

Adaptable Managed Services – our expertise, your peace of mind

Discover tailored managed services at ZehnTek, meticulously crafted to cater to the distinctive needs of life science organizations. Whether it's operational IT, laboratory management, or manufacturing support, we comprehend the intricacies and demands across every stage of your scientific journey. Explore our Adaptable Managed Service offerings, meet our dedicated team, and delve into our innovative platform by clicking below.

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