Empowering a Pioneering Biotech Dedicated to Conquering CVD

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Life Science


At ZehnTek, we take pride in our position as a leading IT support and services provider, especially within the life science sector. This case study outlines our collaboration with a highly regarded emerging player dedicated to the fight against cardiovascular disease. This partnership underscores our commitment to supporting groundbreaking advancements in the biotech industry.

New Office Readiness at “The Speed of Biotech”

Our client, a forward-thinking company growing at a rapid pace, first approached ZehnTek to facilitate the seamless transition of over 200 employees to their new Boston office. We were chosen for this project given our track record in constructing robust IT environments for rapidly growing life science companies.

We embarked on a comprehensive multi-phased project that included architecting and building a secure data network to ensure flawless connectivity, and the completion of a workstation and desktop rollout across the office and laboratory spaces. In addition, we developed a robust data management strategy to address the challenge of managing the exponential growth of scientific data. The implemented solution is not only fast and secure but also scalable, providing a solid foundation for the client's expanding research endeavors.

“Deskside” Staff Augmentation

To support the customer's rapid growth and address local staff shortages, ZehnTek provides full-time on-site technician staff augmentation services. Our local “boots on the ground” team, familiar with the culture and protocols in the life science industry, smoothly integrates into their workforce, offering technical expertise along with a friendly and knowledgeable presence to help users.

“Everyday IT” for a Safer More Productive Workforce

Understanding the critical importance of cybersecurity, we conducted a thorough security assessment in collaboration with strategic partners within our partner alliance. This assessment ensured the resilience of the client's cybersecurity posture, safeguarding their sensitive research and data.

ZehnTek also provides procurement services, leveraging a vast catalog of over 250,000 IT products from the world’s leading tech manufacturers. Our dedicated customer success team facilitates as-needed procurement, ensuring all customers have access to the latest and most relevant technology.


Our multifaceted support played a pivotal role in the successful relocation of the biotech company's workforce and the establishment of a robust IT landscape. The seamless integration of our dedicated account team and on-site technical staff, coupled with the implementation of advanced infrastructure and data management solutions, has empowered the client to focus on their core mission of combatting cardiovascular disease. ZehnTek continues to be a trusted partner, contributing to the client's ongoing success in the dynamic field of biotechnology.

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